Your Icecast/Shoutcast client for iPhone and iPad

What is iziCast?
iziCast is a client for Icecast and Shoutcast. You can stream and record audio from the internal microphone or external audio devices to Icecast, Shoutcast or any Liquidsoap based server.
How can I connect my USB audio interface to my iOS device?
To connect an USB audio device to your iPhone or iPad you need Apples "Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter". Don't be confused by the name "Camera Adapter", it works also for audio interfaces.
My iPhone says that my USB audio interface draws to much power. How can I solve this?
Make sure that you have a lightning cable connected to the adapter for some extra power. If it still doesn't work, it usually helps to put a USB hub between the audio interface and the USB adapter.
Why does iziCast display a '-' instead of the current and peak listeners?
iziCast can only aquire listener statistics from real icecast and shoutcast servers. Hosting providers which are based on Liquidsoap or similiar do not forward the statistics from the underlying icecast/shoutcast server to a URL where iziCast expects them.
Why does iziCast reconnect directly after a connection has been established?
The reason for this is probably because you connect to a Liquidsoap based server and have “mono" selected. Liquidsoap expects a stereo connection for its input.harbours. You can solve this issue by selecting "stereo" in iziCast even if you have a mono audio source like a microphone connected. If you still want to broadcast in mono to save bandwidth you need to change the Liquidsoap server configuration. Wrap your Liqduidsoap input.harbour(...) into an audio_to_stereo operator like audio_to_stereo(input.harbour(...)) in your liquidsoap.cfg.